IPSI Wallet
0% Funding fees.
Free to fund, always.

Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. is working on creating a secure and dynamic digital wallet – the company is designing a more comprehensive payments ecosystem that will improve daily lives of consumers, one transaction at a time.

Our Digital Wallet will enable payments on a global scale: from betting on your favorite sports teams to payday loans and cash advances, our robust digital landscape will allow our customers a wide range of payment options.

Top Up with Cash, Card Money Transfers / Payouts
How it works?
IPSIPay client deposits to a designated account online or via kiosk and receives an equivalent number of IPSI Coins.
These Coins are used for transactions over a blockchain network in order
to perform any kind of financial transactions.
Holders of IPSIPay Coins have immediate access to funds via
financial institutions.
Our Kiosks

The IPSI Kiosk platform strategy aims to provide simple payment solutions and low-cost financial services for consumers and businesses. These kiosks offer access to digital payments for the unbanked and underbanked, allowing for remittance, merchant payments, microloans and other financial services.

In 2019, IPSI’s kiosk network processed roughly 4.5 million transactions in Mexico totaling over $17 million. The company currently has 50 kiosks that it intends to install at retail locations in Southern California. It also plans to deploy kiosks in other states.

Mobile usage

Customer installs IPSIPay application to pay for any service in Mexico, and has the ability to make transfers to his/her loved ones in Mexico. The transaction takes place via purchase of IPSICoins and can be done with any form of funds, whether its cryptocurrency, cash, ACH transfer etc.

All transfers are made online and with a minimum applicable fee. IPSIPay App has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, where Customer can easily manage and store his funds.