Borderless Digital Payment Platform In Your Pocket.

Since its start in 2019, Innovative Payments Solutions Inc. has pursued the ambition to launch a universal digital payment platform. We knew how cumbersome and expensive money transfers were, especially when sent internationally, and wanted to change that.

Our company worked for years to design the IPSIPay app and released it in December 2021. Using groundbreaking technology, we’re providing cheaper, faster payment methods and financial solutions such as money transfers, paychecks, bill pay, and so much more.

IPSIPay ensures the ease of use many have never seen before and allows transferring money anywhere VISA is accepted.

Our Goals

Contributing to your prosperity
We allow users to manage their funds more efficiently and free them from hefty fees through our digital payment platform. They can also use IPSIPay for investing in gold, and silver to grow their capital.
Payments and remittance services without borders
One of the reasons to launch the IPSIPay digital payment platform was to enable immigrants to send money home regardless of location. Low fees, VISA support, and international coverage make our solution an excellent option for everyone.
Unlimited availability
IPSIPay is available as an iOS or Android app and a website and also supports prepaid digital Visa cards. This way, we enable users to leverage our financial services in the most convenient way for them.
Financial equality
We make no significant difference between occasional users and businesses sending large amounts of money. Our digital payment platform provides equally affordable and convenient services to ensure everyone, from investors to immigrants, can use it.

Our Values

We protect personal information collected from our users with the latest PCI DSS certified secure and NACHA compliant security and encryption measures.
We follow the US and international legislation regulating personal data processing practices and financial services.
We respect diversity and strive for equality by making our services available to all users across the globe.
We create simple but powerful products enabling users to complete payments, remittances, and investments in seconds.


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“The fintech industry is undergoing a massive shift with the introduction of artificial intelligence, ever changing distribution models, fee diversion, and digital payments.

Our goal is to provide the millions of unbanked and underbanked as well as banked consumers, a cost-efficient and convenient method to make payments and remittances with instant settlement.

William Corbett, President and CEO Innovative payment sollutions inc.
Richard Rosenblum Richard Rosenblum Director, CFO, President
Madison Butler Madison Butler Director
David Rios David Rios Independent Director

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