All Financial Products & Services From a Single App

Track past operations, configure automated payments, request money, transfer funds yourself, and more in IPSIPay.

Why It's Better to Manage Your Money from a Single App

You cannot have separate apps for P2P payments, online purchases, and international transfers since it's just too inconvenient to track. That's why a single app like IPSIPay is essential to manage all payments at once. It also tracks every cent, so you don't have to keep your expenses in mind.

Financial Products and Services that IPSIPay Offers

Pay with your smartphone
Enjoy contactless payment for quicker transactions at the checkout, and forget about carrying a wallet with you.
Send money locally and internationally
Transfer funds to another account within the US or 200+ countries in real-time and without hidden charges
Load money
Top up your balance from any US checking and savings account or wire funds internationally to your US-based account.
Request payments from peers
Ask other IPSIPay app users to send you money directly from an app for convenient peer-to-peer financial transactions.
Split bills
Split a single bill into several parts to conveniently manage shared payments in a large group of friends
Pay utilities remotely
Support your family aboard or handle your own utility bills while you're away by paying bills remotely.
Schedule financial transactions
Plan financial operations to never forget critical transactions and keep your future expenses in mind.
Avoid merchant fees buying online
Shop online with an IPSIPay Wallet to avoid merchant costs in stores that partner with our digital payment platform.
View pending payments
Manage pending financial transactions to see when merchants haven't processed payments and better control your orders.
Track expenses
Check your previous and upcoming financial transactions to know how much you have spent and what payments are yet to come
Have separate mobile wallet and VISA accounts
Keep two separate balances for more versatile uses and better financial transaction management. While a mobile wallet is a savings account, a VISA card is for checking.
Order digital and physical cards
Get a VISA card for yourself or your loved ones. You can create an electronic card in your account or order a physical copy for offline financial transactions.
Connect multiple apps
Use IPSIPay with Amazon, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other supported apps to enrich its core functionality even more.
Invest in different assets to expand your portfolio
Buy and sell precious metals to expand your portfolio with reliable investment options
Use your wallet to call internationally
Make cheap international long-distance calls using the balance of your IPSI Wallet account and or prepaid VISA.
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Why Choose IPSIPay's Financial Products and Services

All-in-one solution
Top up your IPSIPay wallet and send funds in any currency, manage transfers from a smartphone, computer, or kiosk, and withdraw anywhere VISA works.
Great value
Complete an instant international money transfer to a mobile wallet or VISA card for free. The recipient only pays a nominal fee for cash withdrawal.
IPSIPay ensures an instant international money transfer, meaning that the money you send reaches the destination in seconds.
Peace of mind
Your bank deposits are FDIC insured, while top-notch encryption and other data security measures protect personal data.

Instant national and international money transfers

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