Instant Money Transfers Across 40+ Countries US, Mexico, Guatemala and more

The cheapest and easiest way to transfer money, receive payments, and pay for services in the US and abroad.
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simple, safe and secure
secure img PCI DSS certified
secure img Encrypted data transfer
secure img NACHA compliant
secure img Financial firewall
secure img Each depositor insured by FDIC
secure img Identity verification for balance greater than $500
secure img GDPR compliant

So many digital finance services. One app

IPSIPay is a universal digital payment network for remittances, money transfers, payrolls, and more.
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Send money anywhere

At IPSIPay, we’re using the latest technologies to make lightning-fast money transfers just about anywhere in the world. This technology allows users to deposit cash, convert it to a digital form, and remit the funds quickly and securely.

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Receive payments

You can receive money directly into the IPSIPay App or in person. Choose one of the following options to access your funds:

  • Go to a local bank and receive cash.
  • Get IPSIPay’s VISA debit card sent directly to your address (it’s reloadable and can be used for future transactions).
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Pay your employees/ Get paid by payroll

Transfer payrolls for your staff in any currency in a split second. IPSIPay app transactions are creditably covered with PCI DSS standards so that you feel confident in payroll operations. Thanks to impeccable high-load performance and a user-friendly dashboard, ISPIPay delivers seamless access to quick remittances. It is genuinely the best for online entrepreneurs, co-working teams, and freelancers worldwide.

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Manage finances & Pay Bills

With all your bank accounts added to the IPSIPay dashboard, you will always see where you’re at with account balances. Pay down debts or deposit savings automatically according to the preferences you choose.

How it works 4 easy steps



A mobile application


Your free IPSIPay wallet account

Top up

With any currency

Send or receive

Anywhere in the world

Watch Mario Lopez explain IPSIPay: Registration and Use

IPSIPay is like a digital bank in your pocket

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Free account to account transfers
ISPIPay doesn’t charge any incremental fees for wallet-to-wallet national or international transactions, offline or online payments, or transferring your funds to prepaid Visa card.
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Instant settlement
Run transactions in a blink of an eye within several taps on your touchscreen.
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International remittances
Send out your payment in national currency without bothering with online conversions or opening a foreign currency account.
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Top up with any digital currency or cash
Support your balance in the way you prefer most. Use any source of funds to top up IPSIPay Wallet (credit, debit, cash).
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All financial services online
Create and manage your payment templates, deposit funds to saving accounts or pay off credit card debts through your smartphone wherever you need.
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IPSIPay Visa Debit
IPSIPay Wallet is verified by Visa and supports multiple accounts simultaneously. Manage your virtual and physical cards arbitrarily, and transfer money to an investment portfolio or deposit account.

Mobile Wallet Pricing & Fees

At IPSIPay, we don’t charge you for account maintenance or account to account transfers. No monthly fees and no more paying 3% of your money to request payments for the delivered goods or services.
Transaction Fee
  • registration & monthly fees
  • Mobile wallet registration and account maintenance Free
  • Prepaid Visa card - monthly fee Free
  • Wallet to wallet transfers Free
  • money transfers & top up
  • Transfer funds to/from one mobile Wallet user to another Free
  • Transfer funds to prepaid Visa Card Free
  • Transfer funds to any U.S. checking/savings account $1 per transaction
  • Load funds from a credit card (limit of $250 per individual load) 3% of transaction
  • atm withdrawal
  • U.S. ATM domestic withdrawal You may also be charged a fee/surcharge by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction $1.95 per transaction
  • U.S. ATM domestic balance inquiry Check your balance for free by logging into your online account or data app $0.50 per transaction
  • International withdrawal or balance inquiry You may also be charged a fee/surcharge by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction $2.50 per transaction
  • ATM decline Cardholder may make a maximum of 2 ATM withdrawals per day with a maximum amount of $500 each $0.50

Instant national and international money transfers

For those who need it most

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