Instant International Money Transfer

Send money globally with minimum fees and maximum ease to support your family, pay bills, or make business transactions.

Remit Funds Globally

There are many occasions when you might need to send funds across borders, from supporting your family to paying utility bills. IPSIPay covers all possible types of international transfers with low fees and easy transaction management. You only need to create an account, upload funds, and enter details for an instant transfer.
  • mobile Wallet, cash pickup, or VISA card deposit
  • Free registration
  • Low instant international money transfer fees
  • Local currencies supported

Why IPSIPay is the best international money transfer

All-in-one solution
Top up your IPSIPay wallet and send funds in any currency, manage transfers from a smartphone, computer, or kiosk, and withdraw anywhere VISA works.
Great value
Complete an instant international money transfer to a mobile Wallet or VISA card for free. The recipient only pays a nominal fee for cash withdrawal.
IPSIPay ensures an instant international money transfer, meaning that the money you send reaches the destination in seconds.
Peace of mind
Your bank deposits are FDIC insured, while top-notch encryption and other data security measures protect personal data.

Steps to send an instant international money transfer 4 easy steps



To IPSIPay or create an account.

Top up

The balance with any digital currency or cash

Go to

The Move Money Globally section


The transaction details and send money in real-time.

We support international money transfers to 200+ countries

Wallet to Wallet transfer
  • IPSIPay users can request or send money directly to virtual accounts at NO COST.
  • Payments are processed instantly.
Transfer to Visa Card
  • Zero-fee for sending money to prepaid Visa card from mobile wallet and vise versa.
  • Money arrive within minutes.

Moving money internationally
$1 for sending funds from mobile balance or Visa debit card1.
2-3 business days in processing.

Afghanistan Afghanistan
Albania Albania
Algeria Algeria
American Samoa American Samoa
Andorra Andorra
Angola Angola
Anguilla Anguilla
Antarctica Antarctica

Instant national and international money transfers

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