IPSIPay Videos and Tutorials

People arriving in the US from other countries have struggled to access financial services at affordable rates for decades. Now, the struggle is over thanks to the IPSIPay mobile app. Watch our videos and tutorials on how to use IPSIPay for instant money transfer across the globe.

IPSIPay Money Send App: How to Get Started

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Get started with the IPSIPay money transfer app with our instructions. The video explains how to register, complete initial configurations, and identification

IPSIPay App Oveview: How does it work?

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Learn more about IPSIPay. Discover our values, goals, and how our all-in-one app simplifies international and domestic money transfers for underbanked users

Mario Lopez Recommends IPSIPay for US-Mexico Money Transfers

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Mario Lopez, an American actor, television host, and IPSIPay's spokesperson, shares why supporting family, hard work, and wise financial decisions matter and how IPSIPay application helps with these.