About Us

Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. strives to offer cutting edge digital payment solutions for consumers and service providers. Our ecosystem spans multiple devices such as self-service kiosks, mobile applications and POS terminals offering alternative payment methods to meet the needs of consumers and service providers.

IPSIPay enables consumers to deposit cash, convert it to a digital form and remit the funds to any merchant in its network quickly and securely.

Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. is engaged in business both domestically and internationally, with its primary business flow between the United States and Mexico.

Internationally proven kiosk payment model since 2013
Easiest way to transfer money, receive payments and pay more than 150 different services in Mexico
Backed by a proven technology
Sender in US
(Cash, ACH, Cryptocurrenсy, Other)
Purchases IPSI Coins via IPSI App, Web or Kiosk
Funds are stored securely on IPSI Wallet
  • XRP
  • Blockchain
  • IPSIPay Technology
  • BTC
  • LTC
Recipient in MX receives fiat in local currency
Immediate Direct Payment for Services
Freedom to use ANY funds to make a transaction
Secure Payment
Funds transfer immediately with lowest commission possible
All-in-One Solution

Our mission is to simplify electronic payments for both Users and Service Providers by creating a major distribution network, providing all in one digital payment solution for unbanked & underbanked.

At Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc. we contribute to the global financial inclusion initiative through our state-of-the-art digital payments technology , which provides users with a convenient and secure alternative for paying bills, products and services.

We enable users to make electronic payments for a growing amount of services such as bank payments, cell phone top-ups and municipal and utility payments and much more.

Bill Pay
Digital Wallets
Pay Day Loans

The fintech industry is undergoing a massive shift with the introduction of artificial intelligence, everchanging distribution models, fee diversion and digital payments.

Our goal is to provide the millions of unbanked and underbanked as well as banked consumers in California, a cost efficient and convenient method to make payments and remittances with instant settlement.

William Corbett
President and CEO,
Innovative Payment Solutions, Inc.